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Building Contracts and/or Contract Administration

If you are having building work carried out you may wish to consider using an appropriate Building Contract.

Advice can be given on the type of building contract from Joint Contract Tribunal (JCT) for Minor Works to a simple JCT Building Contract for Home Owner occupier or, if the works are more complicated and involve the use of a Main Contractor and Sub-contractors, then the use of a JCT Intermediate form of building contract should be considered.

Advice and explanations can be given on the advantages or disadvantages of the above Building Contracts.

The following elements of Contract Administration are available:

  • Project Management
  • Supervision of the Work
  • Issuing of Payment Certificates
  • Issuing of Variation Orders
  • Agreeing any Extension of Time requests
  • Agreeing any Liquidated Damages
  • Issuing of Practical Completion and Completion Certificates

All or some of the above services can be arranged.

Consideration should be given to the fact that whilst there may be an added cost to the client at the outset, costs will invariably be saved over the contract period because the builder/contractor will be aware of their responsibilities and problems can be dealt with as they occur.

Payment Certificates are issued at two-weekly or monthly intervals and generally reflect the value of materials on site and works carried out to the date of the certificate. [There may be rare occasions when specialist materials need to be paid for even though they are not on site].

It should be noted that the Contract Administrator has a duty to act fairly to all parties.